Forward Planning

route planning

Have a look over the map at home to decide how far you want to go and in how much time. Leave the detailed planning for later but make sure that you have your first day's route roughly in mind.

who's driving?

If you are sharing the driving, make sure that all drivers are fully insured and that they all have a valid drivers license and a passport with more than 6 months' validity. If only one of you is driving, this may affect the route and distance that you travel. Ensure that you have informed, holiday autos, or the car hire company at the time of pick-up all the names of the people who will be driving.

driving regulations

In the travel information section you will find broad details of driving regulations for some of the countries most often visited. Download these and print to read on the plane. If we do not feature your destination, call the tourist office, embassy or consulate and ask for details.


Got a phone? Does it work abroad? You may need to call your phone company to check how to make the changes for certain countries. You may also want to hire a tri-band mobile phone, which works all over the world.


In some countries it is illegal to drive without a spare pair of glasses, if you wear them. You also need to consider the sun - do you have clip-on shades, or do you need a prescription pair?

sun protection

Take a light, fold-up windscreen sun shield and a light shawl or sarong to block out the light on one side of the car.

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